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When do I Need to Pay Additional Stamp Duty?

Fri 08 Jun 2018

A recent blog post detailed the new rules for first time buyers- but how does it work if you are already a homeowner? Clients still look for clarity on this point before they proceed, and  April 2016 saw the introduction of a controversial amendment to the rules relating to Stamp Duty, resulting in one of the busiest periods ever seen in our Residential Property department as buyers sought to complete before the changes took effect.st1withthis in mind our Residential Property expert Iain Gard....
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Selling your home: a guide for first timers from Laura Kurowski at Wilkinson Woodward

Mon 30 Apr 2018

Moving on from your first home can be a daunting prospect but with the right help, marketing your property and dealing with the legal aspects of a sale can be a pretty smooth process. If you're selling for the first time, here's some advice.
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walk from Cragg-vale to Stoodley-pike

Fri 27 Apr 2018

It may be mostly an uphill struggle, but the walk from Withens Clough Reservoir to Stoodley Pike is worth it for the views alone and if that doesn't sell it to you, on the way back its downhill and ends at the Hinchliffe Arms..
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Estate Agents phrasebook

Thu 12 Apr 2018

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01/03/2018 - Our offices are closed due to the weather

Thu 01 Mar 2018

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Where did Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day come from & Perfect Pancake Recipe

Sun 04 Feb 2018

Where did Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day come from & Perfect Pancake Recipe - Shrove Tuesday or as its better known in the todays world Pancake Day. It is the day proceeding Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. The custom of eating pancakes has been around since the 16th century, historically it was a weeklong celebration called Shrovetide where people would use up their food stores and head out to confession before lent and fast began..
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February Guest writer Amanda Harris talks Interior trends for 2018

Wed 31 Jan 2018

Interior trends for 2018 - With Christmas, all packed away and our homes looking rather sparse, it’s time to make the most of these long evenings and dream about how we can spruce up our interior spaces for the year ahead. The ways in which we seek our interior design inspiration is changing. Social media has become a massive influence, exposing people to countless examples of what is possible with our interiors, encouraging individuality and the confidence to build one’s own look. .
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Huddersfield tops Yorkshire for House price growth in 2017

Fri 19 Jan 2018

Head of Residential Sales, Andrew Sellers, however, advises caution on the ever-sensitive subject of price and says, “Sensible pricing will continue to encourage good growth in and around Huddersfield this year”.
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Wed 17 Jan 2018

Always adjust your driving according to the conditions and plan your journey by checking the latest weather forecast. You can also look for clues on road conditions such as ice on the pavement or on your windscreen before you start your journey and take extra care..
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January Guest Writer, Country Life and design

Mon 08 Jan 2018

This months guest writer is the wonderful Amanda Lucas but to her Instagram fans, she is hobbit_cottage. Amanda has kindly agreed to share some of her journey and pictures of her beautiful home with us..
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Pontefract Castle

Fri 08 Dec 2017

The castle has played host to Kings and Queens and even imprisoned a few during its time as well..
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December Guest Writer Amanda gives advice on how to create a traditional Christmas home

Fri 08 Dec 2017

Our December guest writer shares some tips on creating a traditional home..
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Ferrybridge Henge

Thu 09 Nov 2017

What is a Henge?.
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Guy Fawkes

Sun 05 Nov 2017

Remember, remember! The fifth of November, The Gunpowder treason and plot; I know of no reason Why the Gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot!.
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Turnips, pumpkins and stingy Jack?

Wed 25 Oct 2017

Pumpkin jack o lanterns are so ingrained in Halloween traditions we have mostly forgotten where the practice has come from, before the Pumpkin lantern, It was a Turnip that was used to light the way Have you ever heard the story of old stingy jack?.
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Sloe Gin

Mon 09 Oct 2017

The season of autumn is well and truly upon us and it also happens to be the best time to go foraging for sloes to make a batch of sloe gin. If you get going now you can have a batch ready just in time for Christmas..
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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Lisa's Story

Sat 07 Oct 2017

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, it’s one of the most prevalent forms of cancer in the UK, our colleague and associate director Lisa has kindly agreed to share her story with us..
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Halloween and where it all began

Fri 06 Oct 2017

Halloween, although the term originally coined in 1745 by Christians, a word meaning Hallowed Evening. The traditions associated with the night have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years..
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Mr Dalloway's Picnic Pies

Wed 04 Oct 2017

This is a great little recipe for those autumn walks as they are the perfect size to slip into the pocket of ones Barbour or for taking around to family or friends if you are feeling in the mood to show off your culinary prowess..
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Add value to your home.

Wed 24 May 2017

Head of Residential Sales Andrew give us advice on adding value to your home..
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Buyers slowly returning to the housing market

Mon 17 Oct 2016

Home buyer demand is beginning to pick up across the UK for the first time since February, with 8% more chartered surveyors reporting an increase in buyer enquiries, according to the latest UK Residential Market Survey..
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New Chancellor Phillip Hammond has been urged by an industry trade group to reset the government’s approach to taxing the buy to let sector.

Mon 18 Jul 2016

His predecessor George Osborne introduced a raft of controversial tax changes for the sector – notably a three per cent stamp duty surcharge on the purchase of buy to let properties, the phased reduction of mortgage interest tax relief, and changes to the Wear and Tear Allowance – and now the Residential Landlords Association wants a rethink..
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Boultons - Can you spot the ball

Thu 09 Jun 2016

To celebrate the start of Euro 2016 and for your chance to win a bottle of Champagne Spot a football on our For Sale board to be entered into the draw. .
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Mon 25 Apr 2016

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Sun 24 Apr 2016

10 Tips before you show your house to a prospective buyer. .
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Boultons in management buy-out

Tue 19 Apr 2016

Estate agency Boultons Harrisons Ltd with offices in Huddersfield, Kirkburton and Pontefract has been bought by its managers.
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Top 5 mistakes people make when selling their homes

Thu 14 Apr 2016

We spoke to leading property experts about the top mistakes that sellers keep making..
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Armitage Sykes: Martin Thompson on changes to the Home Builders Consumer Code

Tue 13 Oct 2015

One of the main proposals is if a home builder is found in serious breach of the code they will be excluded from all registers run by Home Warranty Bodies to prevent home builders from “code of warranty hopping”.
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