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Top 5 mistakes people make when selling their homes

Thu 14 Apr 2016

They say selling your home can be one of the most stressful times in your life, and with the weather starting to brighten up as we lurk out from the dark winter days, the prospect of moving house is becoming much more appealing.

So to reduce the stress we spoke to property expert Henry Pryor and Manchester estate agents, Gascoigne Halman and Edward Mellor to get their advice on what Mancunians shouldn't do when trying to sell your home.

Peter Higham, Director of Operations at Gascoigne Halman comments, “The South Manchester property market is arguably at the best it has been for a long time. If you are contemplating selling there has never been a better time."

So follow these tips and you could be on to a winner.

1. Asking too much

Top of the list is asking far too much for your house and essentially pricing buyers out of the market. The emotional attachment that some have for their homes can cause sellers to go against expert advice and will no doubt slow down any sale.

Expert Henry Pryor advises: "The market is surprisingly price-sensitive and buyers aren’t fools. Ask too much and people assume you are not serious."

2. Don’t prepare

This might sound like a bit of a cliché but preparation is often the difference between getting that quick sale and waiting around for months or even years.

To avoid this, it's vital that you know - or at least your legal advisor - knows exactly what is included in your contract.

Gascoigne Halman says: "Factor in all costs and be realistic. Work out exactly how much your solicitor's fees, removal charges and estate agent costs will be, so you can be prepared."

3. Waiting

Traditionally the housing market has been based on seasonal trend, with many homeowners told to 'wait until spring to sell', but this can be a big mistake causing houses to get lost in the rush.

Business manager at Edward Mellor, Nigel Stephens said: "In a market where demand outstrips supply, putting your house on the market when there are fewer properties around could mean you sell your house quicker and get a good price too.

4. Go for the lowest fee

This is a common mistake for many, as they fear the volatility of the market and try to rush their sale, so Henry Pryor says that is where the agent comes in.

He says: "You want an agent who will sell your property not just list it. A good agent can add <10% to the price."

5. Don’t tidy up

And last but not least, mess. This is often overlooked by homeowners who feel that the 'lived-in' look is the best way to make a house a home. But when it comes to making a sale, less is definitely more.

Gascoigne Halman says: "Filling your rooms with clutter and furniture can make your house feel small and dark. You don’t want them to remember your house for the wrong reasons."

Expert, Henry Pryor adds: "A clean house sells before a dirty one!"

Dominic Smithers, 15/04/16,

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